miércoles, 28 de junio de 2017

Post 10: English Language Challenges

My beloved students, we have finally reached the last task of our English blog, and I think it is absolutely fair to remark the responsibility with which most of you have done these tasks. I hope you can really say and feel that you have learned something while doing these activities.

I must also mention and thank you for all that I have learned from you, something that I always like to remind myself is that it is impossible to become a better teacher or person if you don't learn something from your students every day. For all that you have taught me I feel really grateful.
So there is only one last thing to say...........Have a great professional career. Be great if you can but remember to be good as well.
Now .......your last assignment
- How did you like this subject at the university? What about the use of blog?
- What aspects of your English need to be improved and how do you plan to do this?
- Outside the English class, how much are you using your English these days? What for?

Word count: 260 words
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miércoles, 21 de junio de 2017

Post 9: Changes to My Study Programme

When I was an English teaching training student at university, I never questioned the study programme of my career, but now, after years of experience, I have thought about all the things that could have been better. To begin with, I think that there should be more training in real classrooms. The professional practice should be done after one has lived what being a teacher means and that can only be achieved by experiencing the teaching environment. Moreover, professors teach excellent methods to improve the teaching but they seldom use them. The best way to teach is by being an example. I would also like that all the English teaching training students had the chance to do one term abroad, so that they can improve their language skills and what’s more important acquire and understand the English culture, because a language is more than using different words to say something……..

Write about some changes that could be made to your study programme (career)
Among others, think about:

 -The curriculum (the subjects you have to study)
 -Workload and length of studies
 -Faculty facilities (buildings and infrastructure)
 -Use of technology
 -Teaching methods

- Word Count: 250

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miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017

Post 8: Winter Holidays

I don't really like to make plans for more than two weeks in advance, so I can only talk about what place I would like to visit any winter vacation or any vacation at all. One of these places is France, oh yes, oui, oui I would really love to go to France before I die, but I don't want to be another silly tourist taking photos to anything everywhere. I would like to live in French, and what I mean by living in French is to be immersed in the French culture, and everything that it involves. To begin with I want and need to learn to speak in French. I know a little but not enough to have a fluent conversation with a French person. Once my French is ready I would stay in Paris for a few days. First objective, the Eiffel Tower and I would probably spit from the top just because I have always said I would do that once I get there. Second objective, the Louvre Museum where I would spend a long time just admiring the master pieces they've got there.That's a real pleasure for me. I like to contemplate the beauty of paintings and discover those little details that maybe few people take time to see. My idea of fun limits the number of people I would like to be with a lot, so I have no idea who I would like to be with.........
How about you?
- Places you are going to/ would like to visit
- People you are going to / would like to be with in winter
- Activities you are thinking of being part of
- If you are planning to work / study in winter

- Make a comment on 3 of your classmates'post + your teacher's

-Word Count: 240 words

miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Post 7: My Favorite TV show

I don’t really watch TV that much. I have never had the patience to watch a TV series or a soap opera every day or week, but during the 90’s I got addicted to an American sit-com called Seinfeld. What made me watch this sit-com was that it was different from anything I had watched on TV before. To begin with, the show was about nothing or about any stupid circumstance that happens on a day. The characters were four friends. The main character was Seinfeld who played himself as a minor celeb stand-up comedian, George Costanza who was Seinfeld’s best friend, Elaine Benes who was Seinfeld’s former girlfriend and later close friend, and Cosmo Kramer who was Seinfeld’s, across the hall, neighbor, and a series of acquaintances and Seinfeld’s relatives who appeared on the show from time to time.
Each episode was a complete nonsense, a trivial thing which was wittily told. The scripts were really hilarious and original, as for example, there was one episode about Seinfeld’s girlfriend having man hands, another one was about Kramer having a hot tub in his apartment and one of my favorite ones which was about the nazi soup. In this episode an Argentinian cook opened a shop where he sold extremely delicious soups. The problem was that whoever wanted to buy a bowl of soup had to follow a very strict protocol. Seinfeld and his friends were banned from the shop because they broke the protocol and they tried to do whatever possible to get a bowl of soup. The situation was really absurd and extremely hilarious……….

Now you say………
- What your favorite TV program is
- What it is about
- Who the characters are
- Which your favorite episode is
- Why you like watching it
Word Count: 230 words
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miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Post 6: Postgraduate Studies

When I was a university student I always wanted to keep studying. Unfortunately I never had the money to do that. In fact I could barely pay my university fees of the ‘credito universitario’ I had received to get my first university degree. In addition, in those days (a long time ago) getting a scholarship was a matter of having strings to pull or not. If you were just a nobody with no influential friends, your chances were pretty much reduced to zero. My dream was to do a Master in English literature, ever since I can recall, literature was a fascinating subject for me. Having an excellent literature teacher at university made me wanted it even more. I could see myself at Oxford university giving a lecture on some famous writers or books. It probably doesn’t feel interesting for most people but for me, it is totally captivating. My plan was to teach in both Chile and England and probably do some courses in the States……..

Write about a postgraduate course that you would consider taking in the future.

- Reasons to do the course
- Subject(s) you would like to study
- Where you would like to study (Chile or abroad)
- How you would like to study (distance learning, blended system, part-time course, etc)
- Any other relevant ideas

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- Word Count: 220 words

miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Post 5: My Future Job

I'm pretty sure I have the job I wanted when I was studying at university. I always wanted to teach in a university, because I thought (and still do) that I needed something that was a challenge for me. There are certain people who like the comfortable zone, I'm not that kind of person. I don't mean I like to live in danger or stressed all the time, what I mean is that to teach in a university, you have to keep improving your methods of teaching, increasing your vocabulary, finding better ways to explain your students some grammar point and plenty of other things that help you working to become a better professional. Besides I would really die of boredom if I had to stay in an office all the time. Moreover, considering my little bit of autistic nature, the best thing I can do is to force myself to interact with people and I couldn't imagine a better way than sharing my knowledge with others.........

- What kind of job would you like to have? How do you imagine it?
- Outdoors / indoors?
- Would you like to travel a lot in your job?
- In an office?
- What major are you studying / are you thinking of taking? Explain Why.
- Add any other related ideas
- Make comments on 3 of your classmates' posts + a comment on your teacher's post

 - Word Count: 210 words

miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Post 4: Election Day

Voting is a very important civil action. Having the opportunity to vote is an important and full of responsibility experience, not to mention that having the right to vote is a privilege. I think that nowadays most people don’t see it that way. For most people it is a real pain in the neck. It is incredible how easy we forget that only a bit more than couple of decades ago that right was denied. 

 Those who were born in democracy will never appreciate the importance of voting as much as us who grew up in dictatorship, even if you don’t like the candidates, even if you think politicians are not the most reliable people in this world. I refuse to believe those who say that my vote won’t make the difference………I can vote and so, as a citizen, I must have a responsible attitude. It is my duty, otherwise, how am I going to complain and demand for changes?????.....

Now it is time for you to express your opinion. Say:

-Are you going to vote in the next elections? Yes / No Why?
-What is your opinion on electoral campaigns? Explain.
-What qualities should a person have to run for a public position?
-Have you ever consider to get involved in politics? Yes/No Why?
-Make a constructive criticism to the electoral campaigns in your district?

Word Count: at least 200 words
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Post 10: English Language Challenges

My beloved students, we have finally reached the last task of our English blog, and I think it is absolutely fair to remark the r...